RMC Calendar of Events, 2019


  • 1st….(Saturday) Club meeting up North in Longmont. Meet at the Dougherty Museum for a brief meeting at 10:30 a.m., in the museum parking lot. The address for the museum is 8306 N107th St., in Longmont.(MAP) The museum opens at 11:00. After we check out the museum, those who are interested can gather at Chicago Pizza for a late lunch. Their address is 1805 Industrial Circle.
  • 1st….(Saturday) Golden Super Cruise Night in Golden
  • 8th….(Saturday) Havana Cruise; CCCC sponsored event; Rick B. is the contact for this event.
  • 9th….(Sunday) Concourse D’Elegance; Arapahoe Community College; Twelve Corvairs will be participating in this event which is by invitation only to show your car. Contact Ken Schifftner for details.
  • 15th….(Saturday) Castle Rock Cruise In; This is sponsored by the Vintage Car Club of Castle Rock. See their website to register.
  • 20th-23rd….Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand Prix Raceway Event
  • 22nd….(Saturday) Road Trip to Keenesburg; Wild Animal Sanctuary near Keensburg.(MAP)  ‘Linner’ afterwards at location TBA
  • 23rd….(Sunday) Garage Tour—Meet at the Cracker Barrel in Loveland for breakfast at 8:00 a.m. (MAP)  Tour begins at 9:00 after breakfast to the garages of John Drage, and Jim Reich. We will be checking out John’s projects, and Jim also has a beautiful model car collection as well as his garage projects
  • 30th….(Sunday)Cheeseburgers and Corvairs; Westwood Inn


  • 5th….(Friday) Club Meeting at Elway Chevrolet; 7:00
  • 6th….(Saturday) Golden Super Cruise Night in Golden
  • 13 or 14….Auto Cross—details to come. Rob B. is heading up this event.
  • 21… Activity TBA
  • 23rd-27th; CORSA International Convention; St. Charles, IL


  • 2nd….(Friday) Club Meeting at Elway Chevrolet; 7:00
  • 3rd….(Saturday) Rocky Mt. Car Show and Swap Meet at the Jeff Co Airport. This is sponsored by the CCCC; this is a class C car show with fly-bys.
  • 3rd….(Saturday) Golden Super Cruise Night in Golden
  • 4th….(Sunday) Dale Wilshire Picnic at Cherry Creek Reservoir. Time and the pavilion will be posted in the newsletter. (This was originally scheduled for a different date and was changed so we could support some of our club members at another event.)
  • 10th & 11th..(Saturday & Sunday)  Race Against Kids’ Cancer sponsored by the Rocky Mt. Vintage Racing Club and the Morgan Adams Foundation. It will be held at the High Plains Raceway, Deertrail, CO. This event is held each year as a fundraiser to find a cure for kids’ cancer by the Morgan Adams Foundation and the RMVR. This year, Eric Schakel and Jon Whiteley will be racing, and we are planning a club road trip to go to support them as well as this event that raises money for pediatric cancer research. All money raised, stays here locally.
  • Aug 25th….(Sunday) Old CO City Car Show; PPCC is a co- sponsor for this event


  • 7th….(Saturday) 1st Saturday Car Show; hosted by the PPCC in CO Springs
  • 7th….(Saturday) Golden Super Cruise Night in Golden
  • 14th….(Saturday) Club Meeting up North; Budweiser Beer Gardens in Ft. Collins; meeting at 11:30 and followed by a tour and ‘Linner’.
  • 28th …. (Saturday) RMC Fall Tour; location TBA
  • 22nd or 29th….(Sunday) Cheeseburgers and Corvairs; Westwood Inn


  • 4th….(Friday) Club Meeting at Elway Chevrolet
  • 5th….(Saturday) Golden Super Cruise Night in Golden
  • 4th– 6th ….(Fri-Sun) Weekend Road Trip to Octoberfest in Sidney NE; “Cruisin’ Classic Rod and Roll Car Show”
  • 18th-20th…. Great Plains Round-Up– Carthage, Missouri
  • Great Western Fan Belt Toss—Palm Springs



  • 1st….(Friday) Club Meeting at Elway Chevrolet; 7:00
  • 9/10th….Activity TBA
  • 28th…. (Thursday) THANKSGIVING


  • 6th….(Friday) Club Meeting at Elway Chevrolet; 7:00
  • 14th….(Saturday) Christmas Party Luncheon; TBA

January 2020

  • 1st….(Tuesday) New Year’s Brunch at the Other Side Restaurant; Estes Park; 11:00
  • 4th….(Friday) Club Meeting at Elway Chevrolet; 7:00