Recent events conducted by and for RMC members. Click on any of these to see what we’ve been doing.



Fall Tour to Alma for a gathering at The Southpark Saloon.   

Dale Wilshire Memorial Picnic at Bear Creek Lake Park      

Corvairs & Cheeseburgers (V-2.0) at The Westwood 

Tri-State Meet at Crested Butte

E-Days Car Show at the Colorado School of Mines

Corvairs & Cheeseburgers at The Westwood

New Year’s Day Brunch


RMC Christmas Party at Mimi’s Cafe

Corvairs and Cheeseburgers at The Westwood

Fall Tour and Cruise to Buena Vista

 Dale Wilshire Memorial Picnic

July Cheeseburgers and Corvairs at The Westwood

Tri State Meet at Taos, New Mexico

Corvairs & Cheeseburges 2017 V-1.0

Celebrating Steve Goodman’s 50 years in business.

Wings over the Rockies Tour V-2

New Year’s Day Brunch


RMC Christmas Party

Vairs & Burgers #2 at the Westwood

Dale Wilshire Memorial Picnic

Breakfast and Garage Tour in Loveland

Vairs & Burgers at the Westwood

Northern Colorado Garage Tour

2016 Tri-State Wrap-Up

2016 Tri-State Rally at Montrose, Co

Corvairs at the 23rd Annual School of Mines Car Show

Cars & Coffee at the Westwood

New Year’s Day Brunch


RMC Christmas Party

Corvairs at The Forney

Dale Wilshire Memorial Picnic

Tri-State Rally at Durango

Tri-State Tune-Up

New Year’s Day Brunch


RMC Christmas Party

Gimmick Rally

Fall Tour

Dale Wilshire Memorial Picnic

Tri-State Rally

Tri-State Tuneup

Forney Museum Tour

New Years Day Brunch

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