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63 Monza Coupe & Misc. parts
I have a 1963 Monza Coupe that I had originally intended to restore, but have decided not to complete due to too much rust damage to the primary structure. I have been acquiring parts over the years, some of which have been installed, but have never seen the road. I would like to make them available to club members before listing them generically on craigslist. The car is basically complete (minus wheels and tires) but the front suspension is currently disassembled. Basically new items of note include: Wiring harnesses (all), rear shocks, horns, voltage regulator, Fireball PS20 coil. Used items of note include: Spyder front drums, headlight bezels with stone guards, rear bumper with bumper guards, dual master cylinder, instrument panel and glove box door, original early model windshield, and a 140 hp air cleaner assembly (was originally going to have Steve Goodman build me a hybrid 4-carb engine). All other items are available as well including: solid 102 hp engine w/ alternator conversion and 3 speed manual drivetrain, all glass, lenses, headlights, seats, etc. I am certainly not looking to get rich (i.e. heavily discounted prices) and I just want the items to find a good home. I am also happy to entertain offers for the entire car / collection of parts if someone is more interested in everything as a package. Thanks for reading. Feel free to contact me

Jeff Sokol
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