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Steve Goodman’s Three Special Corvairs


1971 Amante GT

Fibreglass kit car circa 1970 by Voegele Industries
Donor vehicle: 1966 Corvair Monza
Wheelbase: 94 1/2″
Weight: 2420lbs street ready
Engine: 164ci/110hp (1966)
Transmission: 1966 Corvair 4spd
Differential: 1966 Corvair 3.27:1
Front suspension/steering: 1966 Corvair
Rear suspension: 1966 Corvair
Frame/Chassis: handmade by original owner (Keith Furry)
Since 1984 (when I purchased the car) I have driven it to Houston/Kansas City/Minnepolis (twice)
plus Kit Car Nationals in Columbus, Ohio (awarded long distance driving award) and many shorter trips


1968 Monza coupe

One of 6,807 Monza coupes out of 15,399 total production for 1968
Engine: 164ci/110hp
Ttansmission: 4spd
Differential: 3.27:1 open
1968 models enjoy collapsible steering columns, heavily padded interiors, dual braking systems and shoulder harness
This car has 170,000 miles on original engine.  Gets 24mpg at 75+mph and passes Colorado emissions easily


1965 Corvair Corsa Crown V8 Coupe

Crown mid-engine conversion: built by Dean Schmidt
Subsequent caretakers: Jim Richards, Garrie Fox and Steve Goodman
Engine: 327ci/300hp Small Block Chevy
Transmission: 1966 Corvair 4spd w/Crown conversion parts
Differential:  1966 Corvair 3.08:1 w/Crown HD parts
Weight:  3025lbs
This car (while with Garrie Fox) was driven to numerous Tri-State Corvair meets in Colorado and New Mexico
as well as local events.
This V8 powered Corvair  is a subtle example of car a with great performance and handling without showing its cards to everyone on the street.