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Corvairs and Cheeseburgers at The Westwood

Twenty six RMC members/families/guests drove 13 Corvairs and 3 ‘others’ to the WESTWOOD INN on 6th and Wadsworth Sunday Sept. 29 for the last CORVAIRS n CHEESEBURGERS for 2019. Other than a bit of wind the day was sunny and warm and as much time was spent outside looking at the cars as sitting inside eating.

The owners and staff at the Westwood Inn did their usual great job of service and good food. It was ‘waitress choice’ this time and Becky picked the silver 66 cpe owned by George Evans. Becky didn’t care about all of the modifications George had done to the car, she just likes shiny silver cars. George was handed a $25.00 gift certificate from the restaurant as his prize.

Thanks to everyone that attended and thanks to the Westwood Inn for hosting us.