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Steve’s Amante GT and ’68 Monza

1971 Amante GT

Fiberglass kit car circa 1970 by Voegele Industries
Donor vehicle: 1966 Corvair Monza
Wheelbase: 94 1/2″
Weight: 2420lbs street ready
Engine: 164ci/110hp (1966)
Transmission: 1966 Corvair 4spd
Differential: 1966 Corvair 3.27:1
Front suspension/steering: 1966 Corvair
Rear suspension: 1966 Corvair
Frame/Chassis: handmade by original owner (Keith Furry)

Since 1984 (when I purchased the car) I have driven it to Houston/Kansas City and Minnepolis (twice).
Plus Kit Car Nationals in Columbus, Ohio (awarded long distance driving award) and many shorter trips

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1968 Monza coupe

One of 6,807 Monza coupes out of 15,399 total production for 1968
Engine: 164ci/110hp
Ttansmission: 4spd
Differential: 3.27:1 open

1968 models enjoy collapsible steering columns, heavily padded interiors, dual braking systems and shoulder harness.
This car has 170,000 miles on original engine.  Gets 24mpg at 75+mph and passes Colorado emissions easily