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2016 Tri-State Rally at Montrose, Colorado



What an amazing weekend.  More than 120 attendees, More than 40 Corvairs,  Sunny weather,  Beautiful location, Amazing Car show,  Entertaining banquet and most important great people.

Scroll down past the photos for some insight by Tri-State attendees.

Some thoughts about a great Tri-State Meet

Laura W.

“This was my 20th anniversary of attending my first Tri-state and I have to say this one was epic! I didn’t drive a Corvair, but I got a kick out of watching all the Corvairs and their happy owners roll into the hotel parking lot.  It looked like an invasion. A real treat was seeing the Olwine family with Dave in the lead driving his mom’s (Jean) ’64 white four door.  Then the ladies Brenna and Nayla in the sporty red ’63 Spyder convertible and finally here came Jean Olwine in her ’63 maroon coupe!
I also had the chance to meet and talk with the Pierce’s, from PPCC,. They just finished restoring the ’61 Lakewood station wagon. William Pierce really had a marathon of reassembling the car after recently being painted.  Done just in time to make the show.  And congrats on a win! His dedication has further inspired me to get going on my ’61 Lakewood. It’s is back on the road, but needs some miles and paint!”